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We’re taking care of you today so tomorrow will take care of itself. Planning for the future now ensures that your wishes are carried out as you desire and minimizes unnecessary headaches and costs for family members.

Do I need an estate plan?

Yes, you do. If you are young and single it may be as simple as a few items like beneficiary designations and medical and financial powers of attorney. If you have children, you will need to name a guardian. If you have substantial wealth, you may need one or more trusts to help control how your assets are taxed, managed, and distributed.

Our Process

Step 1 - Schedule a meeting: Call or email us to set up an initial meeting (or phone conference).

Step 2 - Questionnaire: You’ll fill out a confidential estate planning questionnaire.

Step 3 - Consultation: During the free initial consultation with our attorney, you will answer a variety of questions regarding goals for your family, healthcare decisions, and finances so we can put together the right estate plan for you.

Step 4 - Signing Appointment: Our attorneys will prepare your documents and send drafts for your review. Once final, at a signing appointment, we'll walk you through these carefully prepared documents explaining the purpose of each. After scanning the documents, we’ll send the original signed copies back to you.

Keep in mind, your family and financial situations (and laws) change over time. We are happy to revise and update your estate planning documents at any time, just give us a call.

Important Documents & Services Include:

  • Wills and Trusts
  • Financial Powers of Attorney
  • Health Care Powers of Attorney
  • Health Care Directive (Living Will)
  • Burial Directive and Instructions
  • Probate Administration
  • Trust Administration
  • Transfer on Death Designations

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